Healthy VS Fast (Research)

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Find someone to disagree with about any topic; make it as fun or as serious as you wish, play the devil’s advocate, fight your corner. The aim is to win the argument and persuade the other side that you are right.

We decided to go for the old classic argument of the Healthy VS Fast food. There’s plenty of information and scientific reports on the topic and why replacing junk food with healthy alternatives can keep you in better physical condition and make your figure looks nicer. But why even then there is still such a big number of the population consuming fast food over whole/natural food? In my research I’d rather concern myself and my final work with the abstract positives of being a healthy eater and examine what makes junk food more desirable.

Let’s first define what is fast food and junk food and are they the same? In most cases they are but the definitions are not strict. Sometimes an unhealthy meal can take longer time to prepare and still be in the junk category. Here’s a good explanation in a BBC article:

For most people, the phrase conjures up images of hamburgers, pizzas, chips and sweets.

For the Food Standards Agency – from which both the government and Ofcom got their definition of junk food – it is any food high in fat, salt or sugar.

Both junk and fast food share similar characteristics which are lack of healthy nutrition.

Still why so many people prefer it over healthy food?


One of the things the modern human kind is really good at is excuses.
– “Healthy food is not tasty…it’s not for me”
– “Chicken and veggies are too expensive…I rather buy McDonalds meal.”
Well, in fact the last one has been proven wrong: $20 Food Showdown: Fast Food vs. Healthy Food
A lot prefer the easier way and never even thought of embracing the truth. Which leads me to the other point.

Life of lies

One not only lies his diet but he lies himself as well. One is lying himself for thinking that he is good eating junk food, or lying to himself when watching the mirror and pretending to enjoy the vision.

Lack of Bravery

Not being brave enough to face a new healthy day is almost pathetic. Personally every time I see people complaining about how hard is to eat healthy food I rather see people who find it hard not only when they are on the table (or while passing around a fast food store) but people who find hard all kind of other experiences. Would you rather work with someone who likes to threat his diet decently or with a unhealthy looking pizza boy?

Now some reasons why healthy is the way to go:


Be a warrior not a pizza boy. Having a discipline with food will make you disciplined in your studies or work. Not missing a single meal now will prepare you for the hard work deadlines in future.

Be different

It’s unbelievable how many young people and especially students due to the lack of mummy’s meals have to stick with noodles and 1 pound pizza. Would like to look and be like the bigger part of them? Or you rather be the black sheep and start your day with fruits and end it with a homemade chicken breast?

Having a choice

Most people who stick with junk food don’t really have a choice. Why so? Because junk food is addictive. Not only as we speak but also scientifically proven – junk food is addictive. Would you rather have a choice or crave for that chocolate? Could you let a chocolate bar be stronger than you?

I’d like to finish my argument with one sentence:

You are what you eat.


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