Secrets to Amazon’s success

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As I decided that my Cretive Contexts assignment’s topic is “How persuades”, the next few steps were to research few materials and online articles on Amazon. I found that 37Signals, the company creator of Basecamp – the most popular online project management system and also authors of the free book Getting Real have a blog material on Amazon and in particular “Secrets to Amazon’s success”. As I’m very big fan and practitioner of the entrepreneurship model they share in their book “Getting Real”, was happy to check this article.

You can read the material on their blog.

I found some useful and wise statements that support my essay’s point of view:

Small size business:

Teams are small. They are assigned authority and empowered to solve a problem as a service in anyway they see fit.

Create with the user in mind:

Work from the customer backward. Focus on value you want to deliver for the customer.

User-centered development:

Force developers to focus on value delivered to the customer instead of building technology first and then figuring how to use it.


Everyone must be able to experiment, learn, and iterate. Position, obedience, and tradition should hold no power. For innovation to flourish, measurement must rule.

Embrace innovation. In front of the whole company, Jeff Bezos would give an old Nike shoe as a “Just do it” award to those who innovated.


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