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I’ve recently decided to buy and try a couple of typography books. One of them is called “Just My Type” and it’s probably one of the most popular publications on typography. Or at least this is what I found according to Amazon. After checking out some reviews about the book stating it as a life-changing experience I decided to give it a try.

“Just My Type” is a book about stories. But really different one. It’s not strictly technical neither is a typeface history compendium. It’s something really unique, combination of both. Hilarious and practical at the same time. It dives the user into the world of typography, tells you why Comics Sans is so famous and hateable. It tells us how Helvetica took over the world, about old typefaces like Garamond (one of the first Roman typefaces, successor of the German gothic typefaces) and many more… This will be a fundamental inspiration for my essay work.


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