Assignment Stage 2

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Stage 2:
Use quotes to create a ‘master argument that you win. Using between 4 – 6, 250 mm squares, spread out your argument but use NO IMAGES.

Create several different versions. You can quote from books, journals, magazines, newspapers, tv, radio film, signs, pop songs, stickers, your family and any other relevant source.

My Approach

Expanding the typographic argument from the first stage “Healthy Vs Fast Food” I decided to iterate my approach and take similar but different direction. As I stated in one of my previous posts a more prominent issue of the healthy lifestyle (or it’s lack) is not the information, nutrition facts, statistics, etc but the psychological problem some people have to choose the “fast food lifestyle” over the healthy one. I believe the typographic work as a more profound way of sharing your thoughts should reflect this issues and not statics and numbers about food. On the other hand it shouldn’t aggressively point people’s issues as my first poster did which was one of its drawbacks (apart from being vague and not greatly considered as well).

As much as I like Sagmeister’s poster I decided that the quote “Complaining is silly either act or forget” won’t be sufficient to develop 4 to 6 artboards with typography. So I took a completely different approach.

What I did?
I decided to show the healthy lifestyle in it’s positive light and thus aim to win the argument over unhealthy food and bad lifestyle. Considering the brief “create a typographic master argument using between 4-6 squares” I asked myself – what if I use type to compare healthy lifestyle with a well-made typefaces? Do healthy lifestyle and typography have similarities and touching points? Type designers say every font has its own character and spirit. Than can we say that some fonts are healthy while others not? Can we compare the way we use fonts with the way we live our life? I found the answer is YES. Inspired by the book “Just My Type” I found every person has his or her type of living presented with a typeface.

In my next blog posts I’ll explain the typefaces I decided to use and how they represent a healthy lifestyle.


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