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…which I’ll use.

Following my previous post as I promised I will share what typefaces I will use in my assignment and explain how their characteristics are related with a healthy lifestyle.

Johnston Sans

Although only designer and typographers may be aware of this name, most of the people (if not everyone) who have visited England have had a touch with this typeface. Johnston Sans is the typeface used in the iconic London Underground logo and through the whole typographic system of the Transport for London. From the big signs on the train stations to the smaller maps of the underground. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful legible English fonts ever made. Johnston Sans represents the clarity and neatness that each one needs to build their healthy lifestyle traditions.


Baskerville is tradional old serif typeface. It is characterised by the contrast of thick and thing strokes and one of its more prominent visual features is the big Q’s tail. It represents balance and harmony. Certainly thing that are mandatory to keep us sane and healthy.

Cooper Black

Cooper Black and in particular its famous use in the easyJet logo has shown that simplicity and persistency is the way to go. Although a company big as easyJet can have a hundred people branding team to develop something aesthetically advance and unique these guys stick with the simple use of one typeface. Not even edited…just Cooper Black. And they haven’t changed their logo for quite a long time. This branding represents the persistence, determination and stability one must have.

Comic Sans, sans purpose

This Microsoft’s font once made for a text-processing software with an illustrative attitude has wrongfully taken over the world. Yes…we’ve seen it even on grave stones. And on the national Portuguese basketball team, and so on and so on. It comes to show the purposeless things we do in our lifes.

Comic Outfit…sans purpose

Apart from these classics I’ll use couple more font’s for the descriptive parts of my artboard.


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