Choosing a Hosting Provider for Our Studio

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…wasn’t an easy task. As we rely on relatively heavy Java Script animations and visuals what we really need was a very fast hosting provider. What I’ve found so far with my experience in web is that the cheapest options are always not the best ones. Back in the time I was using really cheap hosting provider and my site almost had a regular weekly downtime or even worse – cheap hack attacks. What was the problem with this provider? The unlimited hosting space and very cheap price made possible for everyone to install dozens of databases and CMSs thus jamming the servers and making them easier for hack attacks. So the only way to go this time was to rely on middle to high-price hosting solutions. After a bit of Google-ing found some promising providers but nothing based in the UK. Fortunately they were some US providers with London based server which came to be the best option. The top three choices were:

The first obvious choice – MediaTemple (mt). Sony, Starbucks and Adobe rely on it… that pretty much wraps it. There was just one thing, (mt) is not the cheapest solution for a start-up design agency with a minimal budget.

RailHoster is a Germany based hosting provider specialising in providing Ruby on Rails hosting. As my colleague and developer Zdravko is fan of the framework and he codes using RoR RailHoster sounded like a good option. There were some drawbacks thought, it took the support team few hours to reply to hour test support ticket (apparently as a small hosting company they don’t have 24/7 hours support available) and the Hosting Documentation is all written in German. But overall a good option.

Site5 are the guys who won us with their blazing speeds and 30 days trial period. It’s an American hosting company but with servers based in London (an in matter of fact few other places around the globe). The download speed we reached was 900kb/s for me and if I remember correctly around 2 mbs/s for Zdravko. This would guarantee even our heavy image and script pages will open fast.

So, not a bad idea to try them if you ever need a hosting provider.


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