Our Manifesto

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The manifesto of our creative digital collective…or better known as “Our values”.

1. Think now design later.

Don’t rush your success. No one has changed the world for one day. First we research, brainstorm, prototype, refine, and then we change the world.

2. Don’t laugh at ridiculous ideas.

Sometimes the most innovative concepts are lying on the risky edge of the weirdest ideas. Don’t laugh at them, ignore them or be afraid to embrace them.

3. Acknowledge larger perspective.

We turn to the roots of the earlier visual cultures before we put our work into the digital space. As Mark Meadows says “Hybridization is fundamental trend of technological advancement”.

4. Ideas and executed ideas are different.

Make great concepts happen, don’t just leave it on a paper. We strive to innovate but know exactly how to do it via small concrete steps.

5. Work with people in mind.

As much as we are technology driven, our design and development is customer-centered, our products easy to use and fun to play with. We create with people in mind.


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