3D Landscape Inspiration

As a web and user experience designer my particular interest in 3D design is related with still images and still landscapes. Now with the advent of new client technologies like HTML5, complex imagery like 3D visuals can be used not only in videos but in interactive web pieces to create something more visually trilling and interactive at the same time.

One of my favorite digital artists the studio ArsThanea combines 3D render with photo manipulation and 2D design to create stunning visuals and landscapes.


Some other good examples of 3D landscapes in the field of use I’m interested in:

This GE promotional website and D&AD award winner shows minimalistic but beautiful use of 3D elements in web.

Another example is http://www.mirshapok.ru/ created by cpeople.ru (one of my favorite Russian design studios). Not very sure if they used 3D render in the imagery but anyhow the website creates that 3D feel combined with simplistic interactive use brought to life with just HTML code. Another good example from them is http://subbotnik.megafon.ru/ which features an image with 3D feel on its homepage.

As a very beginner in 3D and Houdini I’ll focus my work on something way more achievable and simpler. I’d try to create a very minimalistic abstract landscape. Trying to combine different shapes like spheres, 3D triangles, columns, and other experiments aiming not to focus on any realism (as I find this myself harder considering my lack of knowledge in drawing, perspective and anatomy) but the abstract. Good example of the mood I want to bring is the works of Bulgarian graphic designer http://www.di-t.com/

Such abstract imagery can be used in advertising (the way Dimo uses it), also to enrich visually websites or maybe even to make it interactive. I hope as I advance further with my knowledge in 3D to develop my work not only technically but conceptually as well.


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