Rendering, Textures, etc

My piece really started to look like a screenshot from the alpha version of Age of Empires…certainly with an activated cheat code which brings a colourful furry ball in the center of the battleground. In other words I’ve learned how to put a background using the Camera, also to create lights, render decent grass and used materials. Had hard times aligning the camera and I’m still not satisfied with it. The results is far from professional but I’m satisfied with the beginner’s improvements I’ve made and the overall experience I had with Houdini. I may work on improving this picture (adding additional models probably on top of the objects surrounding the main vase, changing the angle of the camera, etc). Apart from that I rather steer away from Photoshop at this point. Personally I think that final Photoshop touches are really for professional 3d render and not something a beginners project would need.


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