Water on Moon

Inspired by a PS tutorial and the work of Ars Thanea I started working on the image and came with an image:

The idea was to recreate a small world in which our fellow friend – the girl with the paper cylinder on her head could exist..siting on top of this scene. While the idea sounds good at first I didn’t consider two major points: the perspective of the image of the girl and the shadows/ligts. While it’s possible to alter the lights with Levels, Brightness, etc it would be almost impossible to create a convincing image that would look like it was taken on a bright day. To make things better all of the figures were dark images taken in dark environment with predominant black colours. /*Note: Would be cool in my opinion if we had a bigger variety of images to choose in between*/ So after this, the experiment went in the trash for ideas. Anyhow the result is 100% photoshop made image and was a nice training, maybe I’ll give it a go later in some of my web projects as an icon.

Fort this piece brushes, textures, burn and dodge tool were the main tools.


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