Creating the Rock, and the Exploding Planet

After the main scene was created couple of mountains extracted from another landscape pic were added in the back to give it a bit more realistic look. The rock positioned in front of the scene – otherwise small rock was increased in size so it creates more punching perspective which fits good with the photo of the sci-fi fetish girl. The rock was drawn with pen tool, two textures were added to it to make it look like a rock and then with the Dodge and Burn tool drawing over it was created the realistic feeling. The planet was created from the small rock with the 3D tools of Photoshop (Convert shape into a Sphere). Adding large inner and outer glow to increase the lighting and put focus on the circle shape of the planet. By extracting the terrain cracks from one of the stock items using Select Color and then applying this selection to the Moon I created the cracked look of the almost destroyed planet. Then drawing on a Soft Light layer with a mask with the form of the cracks I created the explosion. Putting a highlight circle to indicate the center of the explosion and overlaying the layer with fire stock image. The bottom of the planet was also highlighted with orange/red colour for a punchier look.


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