Spotify Survey

I’m making a very quick survey which aims to help me for Spotify brief. I want to learn all you think about Spotify, why you like it, love it, hate it… or that you’ve never heard of it. I know most of you are busy doing assignments and other projects, so I’d be glad if you share with me anything about Spotify as I’m very open to chat.

Here is the small questionnaire you can answer as a comment or send answers to
Thank you!

1. Your age.
2. Are you student or professional.
3. Have you been using Spotify? If yes, for how long.
4. Do you share with your friends or acquaintances what music you are listening to? If yes, in what form?
5. Which function of your music player/app/site you cant live withouth?
6. Spotify or iTunes? And why?
7. What you like and hate most in Spotify?
8. If you have to compare Spotify to a car which one would it be? Ferrari, BMW, Mini, Jeep, Lada? Something else?
9. Have you noticed the Spotify songs and features available on Facebook? Do you play/use them?
10. Have you shared in Facebook songs or playlists from Spotify? If yes, how do you find the process of sharing from Spotify?
Do you follow what your friends are listening on Spotify? If yes, how?


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