Team 2012 Stock Images

Here are all of the stock items used for the creation of this piece:

Dry deset horizon mountain
by night-fate-stock

For the terrain texture.

Lava field
by night-fate-stock

For the mountains in the distance.

Dark Clouds
by MattTheSamurai

For the clouds.

Moon texture 3
by Bull53Y3

Texture for the exploding planet, the meteors and the fallen meteor.

Dry moss
by dazzle-textures

Texture for the fallen meteor.

Texture 10
by MadamGrief-stock

Texture for the earthquake cracks on the exploding planet.

Fire seamless tile
by suicidecrew

Fire texture for the explosion and the meteors.

–BRUSH– fire
by trisste-brushes

Fire brush for the meteors.

Skull 7
by chamberstock

For the jaw ornament.

Grunge texture
can’t recognise the author of this one

Used as a texture for the small planet.

Say Cheese 3

By mjranum-stock, DeviantArt
Main figure

Cauldron Lid Off

By Sassy-Stock
Used for the wire connecting the jaw ornament.

Art Nouveau Brooch Stock

By ponystock
Signature of Team2012. Used on shoulder of the figure.


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