Alexander Koshelkov

Alexander Koshelkov’s Video Chanel and tutorials


In this tutorial Alexander is using similar techniques as the ones I used to create the rocks landscape of my Team 2012 piece: extracting the rocks from the stock image and using the warp to place the mountains. It’s appears to be very useful technique when creating custom landscapes. However as it is obviously “speed art” what I don’t like is the fact he uses a lot of extracted stock images for his composition, for example the smaller rocks. A more thorough process in my opinion would be to create them from scratch forming them with a pen/shape tools, then applying textures and shadows/lights to make them look convincing and 3-dimensional. However his work is useful to explore in terms of style and techniques as I’ll go again with a Sci-fi theme for one of my next pieces.

Another video of Alexander showing lovely Moscow as a post-apocalyptic city.


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