We Put Brands in People’s Hands

This is the slogan of a London creative agency called Brothers and Sisters. After reading the Cova’s and Dalli’s article this line was naturally the first relation that came to my mind between the tribal market value creation the authors speak about and an example of work in the creative commercial sphere. What Brothers and Sisters believe is that “We are more powerful than those who own the brand” and the only thing we fear is boredom.

A closer examination of some digital creative agencies reveals that they are no strangers to the concepts the authors describe:  “Today, consumers
create services, goods, and experiences, and they participate in the design of many of them, update them, and reconfigure them. Consumers are not mere receivers of companies’ offerings but are said to be active participants in the co-creation, if not hijacking, of company’s strategies”. It seems that with the emergence of new digital technologies that allows new types of interactivity between communities (or should we say tribes) this is no wonder. It’s an interesting time to look at and follow how new age media agencies are exploiting the integration of the consumers in the market process and their contribution to it to create brands that are shaped by the people. And as Brothers and Sisters say with the only consumers’ fear being the boredom, there are no boundaries for the consumer tribes’ social activities, resistance and influence on the brands.

The video below from Brothers and Sisters presents this ideology in a smart and funny 2 minutes illustration style clip:


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