3D Graphics, Level 5, Assignment 2

Title of Assignment:

Extended 3D Graphics Submission – “Open 3D Assignment”

Digital Media (3D Graphics Practical / Written Submission)

Building upon the first half of this module, this Assignment may be used by you in a variety of ways. In creating carefully considered and fabricated models/effects in 3D you may wish to either:

– Create a standalone image derived from any number of 3D renders, composited, graded and finished in Photoshop/After Effects.


– Create an element(s) to be used in conjunction with another module in your degree.

In both instances you will be expected to regularly document and apply self-analysis to the production process via your Blog, the Assessment which makes up a significant proportion of your marks. Your attention to researching the vast potential techniques offered by 3D software will be rewarded, as will implementing creative styles which you have identified and made moves to emulate or adapt.

Your tutor will expect to see regularly updated development on your Critical Journal digital sketchbook blog – which will contribute to your overall mark. The marks you achieve in this assignment depend heavily on your development process as documented through the critical journal and the effort you put in at an early stage. This includes being able to invite constructive criticism from you peers and tutor, and make adjustments to your progress accordingly.

We are looking for conceptual and creative excellence deployed with technical proficiency – this means that the work you produce is:

Conceptually strong – that you can articulate the reasoning behind the decisions you have made in producing the work;
Creatively strong – that the work approaches a problem from a suitably original perspective, avoiding predictable or automatic responses;
Technically appropriate – that the work you produce appropriately reflects the use of skills explored and developed through the taught sessions offered.


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