Process Stages

The process of the work will consist in 3 parts:

1. Research.
Explore few other examples and try to understand (at least partially) how character designers bring personality to their 3D Characters.

2. Conceptual design of the character.

Source: Computer Arts 2008

After I make my research, I’ll try conceptualize sketches. I don’t think I’ll draw from reference or use any anatomy guidance. As we discussed in lectures with our tutor drawing a complex anatomically correct character – a person/animal etc. is a hard task and requires much more drawing and fine art knowledge. So for the purpose of this assignment the aim will be to create an abstract looking character.

3. Line art

Source: Computer Arts 2008

..or vector art. I’ll “digitalise” my character in Illustrator.

4. 3D Design
Using my vector art for reference or for actual Houdini work I’ll create the final outcome.


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