Essay Considerations

Based on my first assignment feedback here are the points I considered while writing this essay:

  • Bringing the main topic to the fore of the essay instead of approaching it secondarily – Considering my first essay’s critique I decided to approach this essay’s main topic as a fundamental of the material instead of writing about it secondarily.
  • Explicit use of the devices explored in sessions – I researched books and materials, as well the lectures’ presentations to try to thoroughly base my essay on the topics we explore in lectures. In the essay I’m discussing: transgression, biopower, mash-ups and user generated content in the context of new media, issues of censorship, cultural jamming and others while trying to approach it in engaging and informative way instead of basing it on just quotations and theory.
  • Reduce the amount of quotes – although I’m phrasing a lot of information from books or other materials in one form or another the actual quotes are much smaller than the ones in my first essay

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