Understanding Concept Design

This video from PolyFacecom explores “Character Design for 3D”. It doesn’t cover any technical 3D aspects but speaks about the concept design of a character, the steps and all other additional elements that bring the 3D character to life.

1. Feeling
“It’s all about the feeling you get across. Is your character smart, tall, short, dumb..”
Although I don’t need to go in this deep details of personalization since it’s just a character that will be used in software and not a movie, or as a part of a brand, it’s nice to consider this kind of details.

2. Explore opportunities
“Don’t settle for the first design.”

3. The comfort zone – your worst enemy.

I like this one. This assignment is part of going outside of it, as well.

Another video from the same series which talks about the fundamental decision when creating a concept design of a character like “good or evil?”

Evil Characters – triangular shapes, spikes

Good Characters – rounded shapes and soft curves. Considering I’m creating a positive, inviting and friendly character maybe I should aim at rounded shapes.

It’s interesting to see how he sketches and than goes with one particular sketch and the reasons for the choice: uniqueness, shapes, etc.

How he uses reference images:



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