The Economist Editorial

After I started exploring and reading The Economist the first thing I noticed is that there are no actual authors. No author names or any names at all are stated above or below the articles. After a bit of research I found that this is intentionally left if we could say “a secret” to represent the publishing platform as a independent and anonymous newspaper and to focus on the materials rather than the people who write it. According to The Economist, the newsletter is a representative body of ideas and mission so personality like author names is not necessary. Taking this in mind, there is no editorial.. simply because there is no obvious editor of the newspaper. So here comes the question:

Considering the brief to make the magazine even more usable and more appealing to young audience how we can utilise the editorial space without actually creating a editorial?

I decided to design a colour system or code. Each section of the magazine is designed with particular colour domination so users can easily flip through sections. This will facilitate exploring the newspaper in not so typical reading areas (at least for the Economist, from what we now from the statistics in the previous posts) like the airplane or on the bus stop.

Here is the outcome:

The colours stand for:
RED – Headlines
BLUE – Business
ORANGE – Politics
GREEN – if there are any other sections

As Spiekermann says for his redesign of the Economist: it’s all about usability.

As stated from the tutor – this layout reminds of a website. I believe that’s good, because its the websites that that are the new communication of the young people. They are used to click, navigate and skim through content. Rarely people read massive amount of body copy. My aim is to bring a balance between the new methods of reading and communicating and the thorough intellectual content of The Economist so we can reach more younger audience and educate them.


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