The Economist Long Feature

After creating the design and the layout of the Contents, I started thinking on the longer feature article. There were few main considerations when I was designing it:

  • How to make it more visually appealing?
  • How to make it more interesting and less scary without reducing the content?

For the first I decided to increase the visuals. I created a specific introduction page which features a big photo on the topic of the article. The aim was to catch more attention and also differentiate the article from all others since it’s a main hot topic and the longest article in the newspaper. The introduction page uses the colour system in this case it’s green for Economy. The green rectangle on top left is main sign when browsing the magazine; green rectangle – economy. On the inner pages I’m using two columns for the body copy with generous whitespace and bigger leading. I believe this makes the content more readable especially when you don’t have a lot of time to focus and go through the whole page to find what you need. Bigger indent in the beginning of each paragraph and additional white space between the text passages are also used to improve readability. For the typefaces I chose two main typefaces: Frutiger for the headlines and subheadlines also for important information and Camphor for body copy. I’ll explain my typeface decision in one of the next blog posts. For bodycopy I’m using 13pt which I think makes the letters more legible than 12pt. I’m using the whole typography system the typefaces offer like weights and style so I can create a full branding/visual language for the newspaper without utilising more than two fonts. The inner pages of the longer feature item also contains small orientation elements like a capital colourful letter in the beginning of the article, a small strip at the bottom of the page and a colour dot at the end of the article which helps indicate what section (business, economy, etc) it’s the article in. Also make the layout a bit less boring. There is a typography style of subheadlines used to bring hierarchy in the articles.


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