Arms were created. I tried few different textures but none of them were looking good and resembles troll/lizard skin so I decided to take out the textures.

Overall the experience with modeling was a bit stressful in the beginning, which was also due to my schedule and the full time placement I started earlier than expected. But after that is starts to seem like a logical way of modeling with the box modeling technique. I believe it’s a bit more complex for a 3D beginner than it could be,and it might be more intuitive. The other thing I didn’t like much is the scarce resources available on Houdini modeling compared to other software like Cinema 4D and Maya, was also disappointed to find out there are no tutorials as I have myself access to a premium account there. I was concerned in the beginning what the final results will be (hence the worried emails and searching for tutorials) but at the end I tried my best with the time available. I’m satisfied with the result and glad I now have a basic understanding of modelling which I plan to expand in future as the commercial demand for 3d Design/animation and design is rapidly increasing even in spheres like interactive and web design which I have noticed from personal experience.


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