Problems with dividing and mirroring an object

Probably one of the biggest problems which I had while modeling was to mirror and connect one half of an object so it connects properly without looking like it’s divided. I was trying to create a different non-symmetric body of the troll similar to the one of this guy.

I created one half of it:

And then the weird problems when connecting it, obviously it wasn’t connected properly and when applying poly-bevel it was looking divided hence the weird shapes.

“It’s a Polysplit geometry I’m trying to mirror – tried with Fuse and Cookie SOP couldn’t manage to connect it properly.
I found solution so far I’m just working on a whole geometry, it’s not symmetrical but at least is something.”

My tutor helped me with a solution to this:

It seems it’s all about refining the polysplit.

At the end of the day I didn’t use that body as it was looking weird and wasn’t coherent with the stomach of the troll.


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