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Free Digital Design Presentation, London

The Student Awards Brief-In seems like a cool reason for a trip to London. A chance to meet other design students, exchange contacts (especially for those who are willing to sell their recently made design studios/collectives) and speak with some of the designers in Microsoft, HP and Spotify. Just booked mine ticket.

Cool Facebook illustrations

Graduates Paying Companies for Internship

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Yes, you read it right. This is the new tendency on the graduates’ market. You pay a company £200/daily to work for them. I found the idea of working for someone for free a perverse one (even when you are considerate an intern) but now this brings the whole business model to a new level.

This is the website offering this “service”: http://www.etsio.com/

What’s your opinion on this?

Choosing a Hosting Provider for Our Studio

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…wasn’t an easy task. As we rely on relatively heavy Java Script animations and visuals what we really need was a very fast hosting provider. What I’ve found so far with my experience in web is that the cheapest options are always not the best ones. Back in the time I was using really cheap hosting provider and my site almost had a regular weekly downtime or even worse – cheap hack attacks. What was the problem with this provider? The unlimited hosting space and very cheap price made possible for everyone to install dozens of databases and CMSs thus jamming the servers and making them easier for hack attacks. So the only way to go this time was to rely on middle to high-price hosting solutions. After a bit of Google-ing found some promising providers but nothing based in the UK. Fortunately they were some US providers with London based server which came to be the best option. The top three choices were:

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Microsoft Brand Images

As much as I’m fan of Apple, there’s one thing I have Microsoft’s respect for. And this is their products’ press kits. While Apple is hiding their images like there’s no tomorrow Microsoft are so open that you can even find an .eps file of their Windows 95 logo along with the complete brand guidance.

I recently had to create a portfolio presentation of an user interface design I’ve done for Xbox 360 Kinect and was more then happy to find this enormous database of logos and press kits.

Cheers, dudes!

Web Creative Genuis


What can you do with html and a bit of creativity. Isn’t it nice?

Office humor

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Today we just got another job application in the company I work for. The position is for web/front-end designer. Well, after seeing the awesome portfolio of the guy, we just checked his blog which looks like:

To top it up he has a clean driving license and is an expert yo yo player and champion in the British Yo Yo association.

We were really keen on the idea of taking the design guru in our team but unfortunately we found out he is lying about his position in the top charts of the yo yo players… 😦

P.s. I can understand the guy is desperate for a job, I’ve been there myself…but seriously put some effort when you are applying for a job with clients like Microsoft, Monster energy and the government. Unless the aim is to produce some office humor.

Dare’s “Smart meets entertaining”

This is what I cal a great piece of funny viral advertisement. Check out Dare’s videos for Sony Ericsson if you haven’t seen them yet.


Scot Belsky (creator of Behance), Making Ideas Happen

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