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Bulgarian Retro Graphic Design

A small collection of 100% Bulgarian design from 80s and 90s I believe. There are some beautiful typographic treatments of Cyrillic text.

Graphic D Sketches

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The typefaces

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…which I’ll use.

Following my previous post as I promised I will share what typefaces I will use in my assignment and explain how their characteristics are related with a healthy lifestyle.

Johnston Sans

Although only designer and typographers may be aware of this name, most of the people (if not everyone) who have visited England have had a touch with this typeface. Johnston Sans is the typeface used in the iconic London Underground logo and through the whole typographic system of the Transport for London. From the big signs on the train stations to the smaller maps of the underground. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful legible English fonts ever made. Johnston Sans represents the clarity and neatness that each one needs to build their healthy lifestyle traditions.

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Assignment Stage 2

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Stage 2:
Use quotes to create a ‘master argument that you win. Using between 4 – 6, 250 mm squares, spread out your argument but use NO IMAGES.

Create several different versions. You can quote from books, journals, magazines, newspapers, tv, radio film, signs, pop songs, stickers, your family and any other relevant source.

My Approach

Expanding the typographic argument from the first stage “Healthy Vs Fast Food” I decided to iterate my approach and take similar but different direction. As I stated in one of my previous posts a more prominent issue of the healthy lifestyle (or it’s lack) is not the information, nutrition facts, statistics, etc but the psychological problem some people have to choose the “fast food lifestyle” over the healthy one. I believe the typographic work as a more profound way of sharing your thoughts should reflect this issues and not statics and numbers about food. On the other hand it shouldn’t aggressively point people’s issues as my first poster did which was one of its drawbacks (apart from being vague and not greatly considered as well).

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Assignment Inspiration

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I’ve recently decided to buy and try a couple of typography books. One of them is called “Just My Type” and it’s probably one of the most popular publications on typography. Or at least this is what I found according to Amazon. After checking out some reviews about the book stating it as a life-changing experience I decided to give it a try.

“Just My Type” is a book about stories. But really different one. It’s not strictly technical neither is a typeface history compendium. It’s something really unique, combination of both. Hilarious and practical at the same time. It dives the user into the world of typography, tells you why Comics Sans is so famous and hateable. It tells us how Helvetica took over the world, about old typefaces like Garamond (one of the first Roman typefaces, successor of the German gothic typefaces) and many more… This will be a fundamental inspiration for my essay work.

Typo in Action

Gutenberg Textura

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The world’s first font – Gutenberg Textura. This is where all started…6 centuries ago.

Modern interpretation of the typeface:

Gutenbert Textura

Complaining is silly. Either act or forget.

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These words were raised high on a billboard sign on the top of the New York graphic design studio of Stefan Sagmeister. I decided this quote is a good starting point for my 4 to 6 boards typography work continuation of the argument “Healthy vs Fast food”. As I stated before one of the main reasons people are being so cynical with the idea of changing their diet habits is complains and excuses.

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If you can overcome the annoying background sound in the video underneath, this is a presentation for the new app of Font Shop International. The new version of the hard-copy font book they publish, a mobile app for iPad. In brief it’s a very big compendium of thousand of fonts, the ultimate bad ass typeface reference. iPhone release is expected as well.

FontBook on iPad from FontShop on Vimeo.

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